Friday, September 30, 2011 :: Love & Compassion

I was extremely touched a couple of days ago when my plea on twitter and facebook to help save a puppy was retweeted more than 50 times (or maybe even more..considering my twitter rang non stop for 4 hours) and within a short period of time, someone adopted the puppy and saved it from being put to sleep! :*) 

I didn't carry high hopes that this dog will be saved while I was preparing the tweet on train and I actually..teared thinking about how the puppy's life may be coming to an end soon. 

Through this incident I see for myself..there's actually so much compassion and love for animals in everyone. It touched me so deeply when I see so many people retweeting.. :__)

I am really happy for the puppy and would like to thank every single one of you who retweeted my plea fervently and also to those going around asking for help from your friends. Your actions touched me deeply and trust me, kindness will come back to you in the end :*) 

You people are really wonderful. 

- - -

Coming to some sneaks on V.G.Y.'s upcoming collection! 
Guess who's the star in the new collection? ;) 

Abit...unglam but this is how low I will get to the ground to talk to my dog and show her love :*) 

Unexpectedly, it was SUCH an easy shoot. 
Tintin simply walked into the restricted area with me, imitated my actions by..........looking straight at the camera for about....20 shots per design! 

Hahaha even the studio helpers were shocked.

This is the one piece which I loved the most in this collection. 
I will not be able to open backorders for this fast! 

Found this stunning floral design and I decided to bag all pcs of this design for VGY customers! 
Sold a couple pcs to some customers who saw my photos while I was working in the shop :)

I will also be launching this design in 2 colors. Managed to bag all stocks for this design so there shouldn't be any other blogshops selling this ;) 
Most likely, there won't be any backorders for this as well cos...the manufacturer no longer has this unique design on any fabric! :( 

And...did you notice I have a new haircut??? :D
Loved it soooo much! 
Told John I wanted to look like Natalie Portman in her Chanel perfume advert and he gave me exactly what I wanted! 

Have been playing around with new styles and will post up more photos soon! ;) 
John will be preparing a new hair color for me in a darker shade and I am pretty excited about it :D 



With Love,


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