Thursday, September 22, 2011 :: World Runway Premiere

(Alignment may be wrong. Plesse disregard it and bear with me!! 
I will be settling up a new blog design after my exams!) 

Felt sooo bad for not updating this space for such a long time. 
Really wished that I have more than 48 hours a day!
It is so hard to manage so many things within 24 hours :( 
Always getting in sleep debts which caused me to be so tired I can't turn up for lectures in school. 
I really want to be able to study as much as I should be; turn up for lectures religiously, but I can't :( 
Even if I do, my head will be on the table for half of the lecture even as I struggle to stay awake. 
And I get so tired I cry myself back to sleep in the morning and miss going to sch. 
Really hope that I will not jeopardize my studies as I am managing 1 more launch before my exams in end Oct! 
Please bear with me for 1 more semester and I will be getting my degree! 
Will be devoting allll my time to V.G.Y. & I promise frequent launches by June next year! :D
So...I need all the encouragement and optimism I can get now to get me by! :*) 

Went to the World Runway Premiere last weekend thanks to Busty Fel 8) 
It was such an eye opener watching the fashion inspirations from 7 different countries like Russia, UK, USA, Japan, France etc. 
I was at the edge of my seat the entire time!

Scalloped top~ 

Our team from Singapore who got into Finals

Can you see them carrying foxtails? :) 

I loved what she was wearing!

She was wearing a bag on her head. Pretty amazing :)

What she wore was breathless. Totally love the sensuality! :)

I am in love with this leotard or bodysuit as most would call it. So so pretty sigh~ 

Most of them were wearing shoes even higher than what Lady Gaga wore in her shocking shoe collections. 
And a handful of them almost fell in those shoes. 
If only I can lay my hands on those shoes........ 

- - -

Headed off to Rubato Modern Italian Trattoria for dinner aft the event.

my busty fel & Aaron

The pizza is totally wicked! 

The lobster risque is absolutely.....delicious. 
Pretty thick and smooth with medium chunks of lobsters. 

Ordered the seafood linguine.
It has more than 10 clams in it, 1 oyster and lobster chunks. Pretty big serving and can be quite filling.
I didn't really like it but I was sick that day and prolly my appetite wasn't ready for something so strong? 
Aaron had the same dish and he said this is the best italian restaurant he has ever visited in Singapore haha.

how it looks like inside...

Fel had the Squid Ink Spaghetti and don't be deceived! 
Although it looks black and unappetizing, it is seriously delicious! 

J had Pork Knuckle and he said everything is good except the skin on the pork knucle which is a little bit too hard and crispy. 

Rubato Modern Italian Trattoria 
3 Clover Way, Singapore 579078
Tel: 6252 3200

And here are some of my favourite dresses which I have been wearing all the time in.....different colors haha

Didnt take photos for cream and haven't worn out daffodil.
Will tweet with photos once I wear the daffodil color out! :) 
Have just opened a backorder for this dress as many customers have requested for it and I'm expecting a 2nd boost due to....some reason hee ;) 

And...totally regretted spending so much in H&M cos I have seen countless of girls wearing the same pants as me when I wore it out on a Friday. 
Not only that, I went to school wearing a pretty shoe from H&M and I saw 2 girls wearing the same shoe! Gasp. I am so selling off that shoe in my next selling post. 

Asked my friend who works there on the qty of stocks and apparently....H&M stock up twice a day and qty should be relatively high per design. Singapore is a small country~~~~ 
I find it a nightmare when I catch someone wearing the same thing as me. 

- - -

Lastly......I am thinking of manufacturing this romper. 
Who's interested? :) 
However, I can only make this design after CNY as factories are starting to get busy for the time of the year! 

Finally! Bed at 6AM in the morning! :) 

- - - 

With Love,


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