Sunday, July 10, 2011 :: wE NOM NOM AND NOM!


J had been bringing me around Sg looking for different restaurants his customers recommend over the weekends. Here’s one we came to near Muhammad Sultan famous Bak Kut Teh.

At first we didn’t know exactly the name of this restaurant except it has a “TEI” in its name. Saw another restaurant with the word “TEI” and we simply head inside to find a seat only to realize the menu does not offer what the real chikuwa tei offers. LOL.

Super malu. Walked out with our heads down –.-

Chikuwa Tei used to be situated in Far East Plaza and the chef is from the famous WASABEI TEI. From what I heard, this chef is super disgruntled and very impatient. Customers get scolded but everyone will still eat in his old restaurant. However, his attitude has became so much better when we visited this new place :)




This came as an appetizer. Cold cooked salmon in sweetened lemon water. I like it because it whets my appetite!



Their salmon sashimi is so delicately sliced and super succelent!
I think the ONLY sashimi I eat is salmon hahaha.

Imagine going to a sashimi buffet and eating only salmon. Can vomit right?



J said this is the best grilled eel he ever eaten. I think he ate so many eels in different japanese restaurants that he is more than qualified to be an eel food critic haha. Somemore he so fussy eater……… Unlike me.

I am a rubbish bin.



J convinced me to order this claypot veggie in miso soup which I find so-so only. Hate it when I get sick and can’t eat this and that.




Their chawanmushi is only so-so as well. Looks wonderful but the egg is not tasty enough.



The restaurant was so quiet when we visited about 6pm. What happened to the long endless queues and customers being turned away at their old FEP branch?


I give 3 spoons out of 5 for this restaurant. It is fuss-free authentic jap food and relatively cheaper but maybe I have ordered the wrong dish hahaha. Their sashimi is really good and I recommend you to try their sashimi! For our orders, the bill came up to about $70 for 2 pax :)

Chikuwa Tei
9 Mohammad Sultan Rd
Tel: 6738 9395

Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10pm

- - -


It was a Friday night and I was dressed to attend a fashion show with J at Zouk. Some local designer show. It was sooooo good! No photos with me :(

Oh, see the heels im wearing below? It is from Vainpot! Read from some magazine that such heels with thinthinthinthin straps are called cigarette heels and are HOT on runways! :D

It makes your legs look sexy and slim!




And thin ankle straps like this



I super love this mustard clutch! It is now on backorder and I am thinking of keeping 1 extra pc for myself in case the one I have now get spoilt one day! But slots are limited……will keep 1 pc if there is any deadbuyer!



The fashion show finished closed to midnight and we headed to dim sum @ Lavender.





Some of the must order dishes are:

1) Double boiled chickie soup
2) Red bean pancakes
3) Steamed chicken with egg
4) Xiao long bao
5) Fried rice with prawns

Parking can be a real bitch. For the record, we can circulate for 4 to 5 rounds before we find a parking lot. Imagine each round you make takes you about 8 minutes because it is a 1 way lane filled with alot of cars and you will have to pass by congested human traffic ON THE ONE WAY ROAD YOU ARE ON @ Mustafa with some indians playfully knocking on your car with their fingers……… I just have to say I always have to walk into the restaurant fuming with anger.

But still, I give 3.5 spoons out of 5 for this shanghai dim sum restaurant :)

Swee Choon Dim Sum Cafe
187/191 Jalan Besar
Tel: 62945292

Opening Hours
Mon–Sat: 6pm – 10am
Sun & PH: 6pm – 12pm
(Closed on Tue)

- - -

Recently, we just visited some restaurants serving breakfast all day! Wanna share with you guys because the view + food is fantastic!!

Will blog about it soon! Done the photos already but I need to crash now because it is gonna be yet another crazy VGY working day on Sunday evening before my sch starts on Mon! On an ending note, J was asking me to do vlogs.

But what can I vlog about?

With Love,


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