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See the house behind me with a lawn? It is only $150k.
CHEAP RIGHT!???! zzz. Seriously houses in Sg are overpriced. Was telling J more and more talented ppl will migrate to other countries due to the high living costs in Sg. Then the gahmen will start crying over their own losses.

For half a million, you only stay in a HDB flat which you can’t even break into a fast sprint in your own home. I am referring to HDB houses like Peak@Toa Payoh where e flats are so small. The sq feet is only like the size of…Vainpot?

For 1 million, you can buy a castle in other countries!! I think the house is big enough for me to shoot like 10 VGY Collections in 10 different corners in e house.

I see a lot of couples buying resale flats now for half a million for 3-room flats in Punggol, all scrambling to get any available unit as they are planning to get married soon then slogging their life out to fork out $$ for the flat. Makes me complain to J about early planning. For me, I will never get a resale flat for this crazy amt. Might as well pay abit more to stay in an EC.

And topics between friends are changing fast nowadays haha. We no longer talk friends/school but we talk about jobs, marriage and getting a flat hahaha. Saw a poly mate recently in Vainpot and she is getting married to her boyfriend of 9 years. They got engaged last year aww :*)

Life just seem to fall into place quickly once you take the first step into planning your future. For me, my life is going to stop for a few years as I work to repay off the loan after my graduation. I don’t know how long it may take but I hope I will not take longer than 3 years. I have so many plans for the future and I am optimistic about the outcome.

Stars in the sky, please bless me with the strength to walk this phase of my life :*)






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