Sunday, June 12, 2011 :: On 3 Different Days


3 days prior to Vainpot Boutique birthday sale, Serene, Matt and I held meetings through the week to discuss strategies, preparations and the list goes on.

Brought little Tintin along on 1 of the days and boy was she happy!



Serene with Tintin.



Tintin with her toy from USS



On this day, I wore Rapunzel in White but……………..I altered it to above knee length and it was so gorgeous! A whole new look! I am thinking of asking the maid to alter all colors for me now hahaha. I matched this outfit with Darkwood Winged Flatforms from collection 81 and carried a black edgy fringe bag. I was in love with my outfit for the day! Think I melted J’s heart when he saw me in a such a sweet dress haha.



Deliberately throw in some “black” color in this sweet outfit by wearing my double straps ultra thin bra straps, carry a black bag and finishing the look with black flatforms. Just add in a little bit of edgy(ness) to transform this outfit!




- - - - - -


1 day before Vainpot birthday sale, I was dragged to the salon by Serene to have our hair colored as Salon Vim is currently having GSS promotions. Thanks to the GSS, I paid $100+ lesser than what I usually pay hahaha.



Decided to show you all John’s trick to volumizing my ultra limp and flat hair. That is why my hair looks thick and luscious at every VGY photoshoot! :) Not photoshop! The video will prove it!

- - -

Let us first take a look at my ridiculously little hair. My scalp can even be seen.




If you think this is the straightening iron, it isn’t. It is a zig-zag iron which can create frizz.



John frizzed my hair at roots, most importantly the crown



See, it volumizes my hair. Literally from flat to vocano. Side view of my head shows a volcano of hair haha





View this video via youtube if it doesn’t load properly here.


- - - - -

Then, went to Musee to have my 5th IPL session



I wore the Bambi White Chiffon Top and Jane Doe shorts (in Green instead) from collection 80. Loving the grecian look! I always consider grecian looks to be timeless designs and these clothes are worth keeping!



- - - - -

On Vainpot’s big day which was…just yesterday.

Our theme was polka dot (thanks to polkadotlovers serene & matt omg u guys). I rarely wear polka dot designs. So when VGY has polka dot designs, it is honestly because the apparel is considered damn pretty to me and………such incident is rare for polka dot designs lol. I think..out of 81 collections, we only have 4 polka dot designs hahaha.

This scallop hem polka dot top in nude worn below can be purchased from VGY @ KissJane Citylink. There is 1 more piece left :)



Thank you busty fel for coming all the way and surprising me with such a huge balloon! :*) I was so touched!



And Aaron who came down after work with a Tiramisu cake from Canele. It was awfully delicious and it perked my spirits up! Thank you soooooo much brother!



Tammy dropped by and passed us lollies + Sticky candy teehee. I have such a sweet tooth! Shamelessly took 2 packets of her Sticky candies when she only offered 1 to us –.-



I bought this gladiator sandals in red at the end of the day. Was secretly hoping my size will not be sold out cos I forgotten to keep 1 piece for myself before the shop open lol. Super pretty right?? Am intending to wear with high waisted shorts! If you wish to get this pretty sandals, you still can come down to Vainpot to purchase today on Sunday because it will only be at $30!!!

$30 ONLY FOR SUNDAY! So hurry down while stocks last! :) :)


And sing us a happy birthday song pls because no one did so far hehe

- - -

With Love,


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