Friday, June 17, 2011 :: Hong Kong Part 2

So sorry the photos for this post went out of the alignment! 

Every morning as we take the lift down, we have our daily self shots haha. 

I saw a marching band and ran after them haha

We were quite lucky as J's customers gave us a list of the eateries/restaurants which are highly recommended when you go HK :)

I find it so dirty food are sold on the streets like that I almost vomited at the smell

- - -

I find it sooooo colourful. Imagine they are all made of chocolate. 

And you have to visit this bakery if you are ever in HK. Their egg tart is so famous! 

- - -

And this well-known restaurant where they sell dim sum, and you wash your own plates with tea haha

And you have to snatch for your food -.- 

On top of that, share tables with other patrons

It is a restaurant but I still find it dirty......

Went to buy egg tarts again because it is just soooo delicious! 

- - -

This poodle's name is Tony and he is as small as Tintin. Super horny dog hahaha

- - - 

With Love,


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