Saturday, December 11, 2010 :: tortoise shell in december


Made a pair of tortoise shell framed glasses as…

it’s going to be the next big thing and it’s really unique.

Black framed glasses have been hogging the pedestal for the longest while and it is time for a change. So before everyone starts jumping onto the bandwagon, I decided to take a risk and be the first haha.

This is the one from Robert Cavalli. Splashed across the world’s fashion magazines in Dec/Jan issues.


From GoJane for the budgeted ones

GoJane Sunnies

And Chanel 512 tortoise shell sunnies. I don’t think they are released in Singapore yet.

Robert Cavalli Sunnies


And this is my new tortoise shell glasses I call turtle.


Ahh crap. The details can’t really be seen but..haha you get the picture.


December was supposed to be enjoyable but I have yet to feel the jovial air in this season..tsk.

Zoukout tonight (it’s my first!),
My birthday in 3 days time,
Natasha Dance Studio Christmas Gathering with puppies
Edwin’s birthday
Christmas day celebration
Countdown parties

I am (more) looking forward to seeing the smiles on faces when they receive presents from J and I :)

And I will be sending out a little something to some handpicked VGY customers whom have been supporting VGY for the longest time. I can literally remember their emails, where they live and their style of dressing based on what they purchased in VGY collections over the years hahaha. These are the perks of handling the operations of VGY on my own because I get to be sincere in my service and I remember most of them by emails :*)

So, be happy this December you lovely people! Stay beautiful and give your love generously to the people around you! It will come back to you and you will start the new year fresh, rejuvenated and motivated! It’s all in your mind! S2~~

With Love,


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