Friday, December 24, 2010 :: MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Christmas Greeting 5


And I wish all my readers a delightful Christmas! :))))

Do you feeeeellll the love in the air????

Despite a persistent cough and weak lungs, I am really excited for Christmas this year because J & I have prepared sooooo many pressies and goodie packets for our loved ones! I think I have about 30 goodie packets which I will carry with me and give to any random strangers who give me a smile on Christmas! HAHAHAHA. I would loveeeee to put a smile on your face! And everyone else in the world this Christmas!

Tintin will be in my bag while I go Christmas visiting and partying this weekend! I am sooo eggy-cited to go places with her :D

Till then! Will be back with my birthday photos and much more!


With Love,


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