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I hope it is not too late for me to start as it is only now at age 25 when I started going for regular facials. I never use to have any issues regarding my face, more so because I am easy going and didn't really bother about the small blemishes that pops out from time to time and also the ridiculous amount of blackheads on my nose which I gave up getting rid of. 
Heard and read about so many great reviews on Skin Inc's facial treatments in magazines so I was extremely excited when I was invited to try out their award winning facial and I am eagerly blogging it now because I want to share how amazing this facial was in my experience! Even before this entry is up, I have followers who went to try out Skin Inc's facial upon my instagram post and was so impressed with the results they signed on a package!As such, Skin Inc is very generous to offer my readers/followers 50% off for the treatments  I did (for first timers only) on top of $20 off ANY product purchase! YAY! 
A little background on Skin Inc from their website. They are the world's first Skin Supplement Bar offering highly concentrated, 100% pure and active serums and skincare from Japan. Their customised skincare solutions empower time-starved individuals to create their own fuss-free skincare regimes and deliver maximum results. Skin Inc boasts 40 industry awards to date and is positioned as an innovative and key player in the beauty industry. I had a go at one of their eye cream product thanks to Jeneen, which retails at about $200 plus few months back and it is such an amazing product for my undereye dark circles and fine lines! My little secret which I have not shared till now haha. My dark eye circles and dull skin around my eyes used to be 10x worse than it is now due to lack of sleep! I love how their products are formulated with 0% paraben and 0% scent.  
Just a few of the numerous awards and accolades they have won ;)

I tried Skin Inc's Oxy Miracle Infusion treatment which is a two-step 'peel and heal' treatment that gives my stressed-out skin a much needed oxygen boost.  It is a 5-in-1 treat which simultaneously deep cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, oxygenates and micro-circulates my skin for an instant lift and radiance. It is suitable for even sensitive and acne prone skin which is why it is a hit with celebrities all over the round ;) 
My tired skin and dull outlook after going on for 6 weeks without facial haha.

The first step is the Oxy Miracle Peel
For the start, my skin is bathed in oxygen while its quickly and gently being exfoliated with a unique jet applicator that gently "pressure washes" my skin with oxygen and saline at supersonic speed. This procedure is so cooling and rejuvenating :)


It unclogs pores and removes surface pigment and debris that has built-up on the skin over the years. Really needed that on my infamous pore-clogged strawberry nose.


Look at how much my skin has brightened up! With each session, I was told it will provide microcirculation to the area being treated resulting in a vibrant, smooth and youthful outlook instantly.

The next step is the Oxy Miracle Infusion
I find this step extremely precious because it uses a customized blend of Skin Inc's serums and highly nourishing Izumo Yumura (Onsen) Thermal Water from Japan to infuse onto my skin! Used for centuries in Japan, Onsen or hot spring thermal water is known for its medicinal and hydrating properties  and helps to improve skin texture. The oxygen and serums work in conjunction in this step to reach and repair the skin at a cellular level, preventing premature ageing and promoting the production of collagen and elastin.





Fuss free, cosy and a professional room where facial treatments are carried out.

Skin Inc's famous highly concentrated serums.


Fresh out of the treatment with no makeup but with tired eyes because...the two-step procedure was so comfortable and soothing I fell asleep.

Thank you for putting me in your good hands throughout the facial! :)


Cannot stop taking photos while driving on my way home because I have never seen my face looking so radiant and especially smooth without makeup. There's this visible glow that speaks volume of a healthy and nourished skin!


Always avoided taking photos looking directly into the lens in close up because I look like I have crossed eyes haha. But got to show y'all this photo of my clear skin!


This miraculous two-step treatment costs $190, abit on the steep side but I assure you,
you will definitely be satisfied with the results just like many are! :)

Skin Inc is also giving all my readers/followers a 50% off the treatments I did! Applicable only for first-timers.
On top of that, you also get a $20 off any Skin Inc product! :) 

Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-25
Tel: +65 6536 6789
Operating hours: 11am - 9pm (Mon to Fri)
11am - 4pm (Saturday), Closed on Sunday and PH

ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B3-43
Tel: +65 6222 7428
Operating hours: 10am - 10pm (Mon to Sun)

Good luck and I hope you liked this recommendation! :)

With Love,


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