Thursday, January 15, 2015 :: IPL Permanent Hair Removal At Datsumo Labo Orchard Central

So, I got hooked on hair removal approximately five years back when I signed my first underarm waxing package. It didn't stop there and I went to sign up for brazilian waxing. It wasn't long before ingrown hairs started appearing as black bumps and even if the area was waxed, it still appeared dark (due to the ingrown hairs just below the skin surface). Due to the lack of knowledge I had about the repercussions of waxing, it took me nearly 2 years to completely remove all ingrown hairs via IPL and exfoliation. Arghhh.

Ever since I got on board Datsumo Labo for IPL, I have been slowly doing hair removal on parts of my body and then progressing to more body parts in preparation for my wedding. My arms and legs are almost hairless now (teehee) and I am moving on to my brazilian and stomach area. Then it will be my back - just in time to make sure my skin is smooth, hairless, fair and I have even skin tone so I can confidently don a sweetheart or backless gown for my wedding. 

I always go for the branch at Orchard Central because it is justttttt next to John's salon teehee. It is so convenient for me and the best part is, it is not very crowded at this branch and I get to enjoy more privacy as well :) It is situated next to Dean & Deluca and I love enjoying a hot cup of tea at this quiet cafe first before heading for my session where I am able to get quick winks for approximately 2 hours during my session.  

Hair regrowth is always evidently SLOWER after your 2nd, 3rd and subsequent IPL session and it will come to a point where your hairs just stop growing. Even if hair growth is still prevalent, the hairs will be so so sooooo fine you woulld not even notice. 

I am unfortunately blessed in the body hair department and I am so glad now that hair growth on my arms and legs have completely stopped. Phew~ Thankful for this permanent hair removal technology haha!

Constant shaving in the past had also resulted in very pronounced pores/follicles on my legs and with each IPL session, the appearance of the pores are slowly fading into an even skin tone. I clearly remember it was my concern when I first spoke to my therapist, Janice from Datsumo Labo and she told me at the very first session that IPL is able to reduce the appearance. In her words "Just come for your sessions regularly and I promise these pores will be gone in time". Although these pores are still present albeit more faint, it has greatly faded and the patchy look it caused on my skin is....gone ;) 

So hard being a woman but investing that little bit of time monthly for maintenance and upkeeping is extremely important to me as I tend to feel sloppy if I allow myself to look like a cave woman haha. Good luck with your hair removal plans and it's one of my best decision ever to embark on IPL ;) Remember to catch the promotions available to get the best bang for your buck! 

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
Tel: 68846482

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