Tuesday, April 26, 2011 :: V.G.Y. 10 Minutes Curls



Thanks to J who did this video in…about an hour’s time while I was studying away for my exams, I am able to post it up now instead of waiting till like…mid may? He’s so incredible!

Filmed this while we were in HK as there were many requests asking me how to use the tong after they purchased it from me haha. Come to my shop! I personally teach you :D After my exams okay~

As you can see from the video, my hair is soooo little. I don’t have much hair follicles haha. Which explains why when I said I was balding last time, it attracted stares and people laugh at me in my face. Already so little hair still can go bald! Made it even more obvious.

Anyway, enjoy the video. The makeup video will be up in mid may. Unless you wanna hear J’s voice over in the video explaining the makeup process instead haha.

For those interested in the tong, you can contact me @ vaingloriousyou@gmail.com. I am going to order another batch soon :)



To all the VGY customers, please be patient and allow me to reply to your emails by 28 MAY MIDNIGHT instead as I am currently having my exams. My inbox is overflowing with emails and it will take me about 3 hours to finish my emails. So I have no choice but to prioritize my studies instead! Once I start on my emails, I will never stop! :( I will definitely pack and mail out your items swiftly by 29 MAY morning hours.

For the past 3 backorders (FARRY BLOUSON, JANE TOP & SIBERIA MAXI), I have kept to my promise. Stocks arrive; I packed late through the night and into the morning hours sacrificing 4 hours of my study time so I can deliver by the next morning.

So I hope everyone can be gracious to me and grant me this extra time to study for my Thurs exam :)! Will definitely fly home and start replying emails right after my exam! You know me!

So 1 exam down and 2 more to go. I gave up during today’s exam; walked out of the hall without double checking my answers and not completing 2 qns……… I was dead tired and have no more mental capacity to continue writing.

Till after my exams and keep a look out for a special surprise from V.G.Y.! J is helping me with it and he has hired help from dearest VikaeLien to complete it for me! This time round, I am giving back to my customers; and I am going big at it. Watch us. Many loves!

With Love,


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