Wednesday, March 9, 2011 :: A Belated but its-okay VDAY Post



I wish to dedicate this video to my dearest J. The lyrcis of this song made me tear so much because J is exactly like Chris Medina. He didn’t leave me when I needed him the most. Read on to find out why..


I know, Vday is soo long ago; almost 1 month now. But to J and I, everyday is a Valentine’s Day. I wish to thank my lucky stars – my wishing stars which I talked to in the night from time to time since I was..12 – that the angels have sent me the best boyfriend in the world. And this time, I am sure he’s going to be my last; the man whom I will spend the rest of my life with.

At the time when I first know J, I was just a lady still in her early twenties with no debt obligations. I was a hot-blooded female with a degree to my name, a blogshop owner and had an online gadget business which made me famous in the all-mens technical world as the only female supplier for authentic Apple gadgets. From 4 years ago, I built this gadget business and handled gadgets worth up to thousands and then ten thousands and last year, one-hundred-thousand. So you can guess, if anything goes wrong, I will be in a huge debt, almost a bankrupt I would say.

In the few months when things were picking up between J and I, things spiraled out of control and the supplier whom I worked with for 4 years for all my Apple gadgets gambled $100,000 of my money within 3 weeks. I had hundreds of orders, and none came in this time round. Overnight, I owe the world close to $100,000. My world came crashing down, i felt so scared, I felt so small, I cried, I screamed, I felt like giving up – I felt like I came to a dead end. My hands trembled daily thinking about the mountain high of debts with so many customers breathing down my neck. I thought this was it.

This point of time, the lowest point of my life, J held my hand, solved problems, find solutions and stood by my side all the while. All this time, J was not even my boyfriend. He do not have to shoulder all these stressful financial issues. He can even walk away from me. Which guy in the right mind would want to shoulder this huge debt with any girl when he can be saving up and enjoying the time of his youth with another lady? Moreover, J was not obligated to me. I was literally a NOBODY to him. We were not even friends to start with.. I remember nights when all I could do was cry and cry, he pulled me close to him and told me how he can visualize all the wonderful future we could have after we solved this debt and get over the police reports we had on hand. He told me how he can help to settle my huge five figure debt. It was a huge sum and tell me if there is any man out there whom is willing to shoulder this?

J and I seemed to have an affinity right from the start.. This time, I really felt that he is a gift from my angels.

Similarly, Chris Medina did not leave his financee when she got involved in an accident and suffered from brain trauma and was paralysed. He can choose to leave but he did not. I could relate to the video/song so much that I cried when I first heard his story. Yes, I urge you, please play that video above.

This Apple incident is deeply etched in my heart and I am glad we found blessings amongst all the misfortune and finally got together on 10.10.10 last year.


In my heart, John is one of a kind, special, caring, reliable and faithful boyfriend that I can ever ask for. I can’t wait to settle down with him :*) And my love for him is growing everyday.

With that, we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together. J had work on this day so we did this slightly earlier.




Wore this lovely drapey black dress from Vainpot and paint my favourite Malaga Wine OPI nail color


We actually booked Shangri-La Hotel’s THE LINE restaurant but was given outdoor seating. Consulted my chef friend and she said the food quality has dropped drastically and suggested we go elsewhere.

So, we decided to try out the Silvershore restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel @ Rasa Sentosa outlet.




























J did this for me haha. See my name?


And I love roses so much. I don’t know how to start explaining how much I love roses.


Thanks to all the stress this sch semester, I have dark circles appearing..


And I am changing my hair color soon. J said he’ll gimme a new color before our big break to HK in mid march. Yayy :*)


J, thank you for giving me a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I love you more than words and I love you the most.

With Love,


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