Thursday, March 10, 2011 :: Making Time..



I am so busy with projects I don’t know where to begin. 7 projects in 2.5 months. 1 after another. Extremely tired but here I am struggling to complete my work in the middle of the night. Had to divert my attention away from typing and typing because my goddamn eyes and brain keep threatening to black out on me. No don’t you dare, not at this crucial time.

Another 2 major projects due next week and I have to worry about the new shop. So many things to be done like registering for an account with PUB, Singtel, buy furnitures etc etc. Oh, have you heard? Vainpot is now a registered business renamed as “The Vainpot Boutique” and we will be shifting to a brand new shophouse taking up level 2 and 3. We may be setting up a studio in there so VGY and MMTP shoots can move even faster plus we need not worry about booking studios at crazy prices. But that is, after I manage my finances. Purse strings are super tight nowadays with rent payments and the deposit for the new shop. All in all, I am super relieved and thankful I have my great partners from MMTP; Ser & Matt who run the shop with me and get most of the work done. Don’t know what to do without these 2 superheroes. Ah that reminds me. They came down to my house @ midnight, watched me cry, talked to me consoled me (and dirtied my bed) when I was at my lowest point.

Without them, I think I will just sit in the middle of Vainpot, fling my hands up in the air and cry. Haha ya la im super dramatic when im stressed up. What to do. Im an extrovert. If not how to express myself?

My cough is coming back and it is making my head throb at every cough. Any remedy? :(

In the midst of work with fingers furiously hitting the keys on the board, the incessant cough, throbbing headache and the tough struggle to stay awake, watching J sleep makes my heart melt and for the first time, I stopped to realize it is such a precious moment and I have never treasure it until I looked for some serenity and comfort amongst the uncertainty…and are my peace. <3

With Love,


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