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I love switching brands. I don’t stay loyal to one. That applies to makeup as well. I can well have 10 different brands on my face at 1 time haha.

I bought these new makeup products over a span of…3 months. Some for CNY, year end buys to reward myself for still being alive. Come to think of it, not a waste of money because all these products mentioned below worked well on my face and I am damn pleased with them hehe.

For the longest time, I had been lemming after this highly reviewed liquid foundation. It flew off the shelves in Sephora when it first arrived in SG. Finally convinced myself to spend my monies on it last month after like…2 months of consideration?


This product contains 40% water content if I do not remember wrongly. It contains light reflectors which brings about natural radiance to your face. Traditional foundation contains fillers which actually cause your face to be cakey and pores to be clogged up at the end of the day. But Teint Miracle do not contain such ingredients This foundation blends easily as well and I use my stippling brush (about $65) from Sephora to create an airbrush effect. My redness around the nose, pigmentation on my cheeks were all concealed with a brush of Teint Miracle. I believe this is because of the ingredient known as rose water. Rose water can reduce redness on face and used in some high end makeup products. I can wear this plainly without any concealer and blusher because it gives my face a really natural look. Not bad for a liquid foundation with 40% water content. Damn watery and diluted you know? I was quite doubtful initially when I swatched the product in store. However, having used it for 1 month plus now, I give a 7/10 for this foundation.

Sometimes I will use BB cream instead because there are days when I have pimples and such, bb creams work best on the irritating spots. I got this for my birthday present from my very good friend hehe. This girl has perfect skin and I seriously don’t know how she manages it –.-


I LOVE this BB CREAM. It is freaking awesome. Coverage 9/10. Easy to blend and stays on for approx 12 hours. High SPF as well. On days when I do not use Teint Miracle, I use this. My verdict? 9/10 for Dr Young BB cream :)

Then, I will buff my foundation with loose powder so it stays there for longer hours and further create an airbrushed look that most girls want to achieve. I choose mineral veil from Bare Minerals.

bare minerals bare minerals pot

This product minimize fine lines, absorb oils, soften the complexion, is totally weightless, and it seriously does what it claims. I have visible pores and Mineral Veil work on covering my pores and giving me an airbrushed look which soften my entire complexion. I liken the effect to…using the smart blur effect in photoshop. For application wise, I use my kabuki brush from Coastal Scents to pick up the fine powder. My verdict: 8/10.

I recently purchased a new blusher from Benefit which claims to create a 3D effect. Bullshit I tell you. Other than, smelling so nicey nice, looking so yummy with the burst of reds with coral undertones, looking so shimmery with light reflectors, it does not have the 3D effect which this product claim to achieve. *fumes*


Bella Bamba 3D blusher. The latest addition to their range of blushers. Bad marketing gimmick and puffery aside, I love the color of this blusher on my cheek. Compared to their previous range of blushers which require many swipes of their bristle brush to pick up the color, just a sweep of the brush across, tap off the excess and you are ready to buff it on your cheeks. JUST because I love the color and smell, I give you 7.5/10. At $56 in Sephora, it is really steep. You can get the same color from drugstore brands.

I will put on my other makeup buys like Urban Decay eyeshadow Ammo color, Makeup Forever eyebrow pencil etc in the next blog post as I have to rush off to bed now! Good night!!!

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