Friday, January 7, 2011 :: Collection 75 Launch


Collection 75 header


I will be launching Collection 75 soon! Comes with the advert for the mascara that VGY is sponsored with!

I will be keeping up my momentum with VGY again once school kicks off officially next wk. Constantly bogged by 93k debt I landed myself in. Haven’t hear from the police regarding the bastard’s hearing in court. Wonder how many charges will the police slap him with.

That aside, I hope 2011 will be a good year for me, as it will for you!

By the way, anyone has a good studio to recommend? My photoshoot package is finishing and I am thinking if I should buy another package. It’s worth 2k upfront. But at this situation, I don’t wish to pull my purse strings tighter by forking out this amount just for VGY photoshoots. Then again, I do not wish to compromise the quality of the photos.

Someone tell me what to do! Any suggestions?

With Love,


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