Monday, January 31, 2011 :: An After Post



Moving into the 4th day of the collection launch, I am still receiving emails for orders and have been up to my neck.

Received a complaint from a customer whom I had missed out on verifying her payment. Such things rarely happen to me but there is an overload of work this time round from invoicing, verifying, packing and delivery. For this collection, I did everything on my own and it is really tiring to work round the clock to reply emails, pack, send to Singpost, come back home again and repeat the entire process. Terribly apologetic to this customer. Received many text messages on my phone as well reg this collection. Could not reply to all as there were too many.

Also, kindly opt for registered postage, I cannot reiterate enough. The number of lost packages are increasing and I received insider news that deliveries will be terribly delayed and Straits Time is looking into it by calling up blogshop owners and delivery bases. As for VGY, I will definitely mail out your envelope without fail. When backorder pieces arrived and there were not enough pcs to mail out to customers whom have paid up, I informed those affected customers and provide a refund to them rather than telling a blatant lie that their package have been mailed out. For someone who works hard for her own school fees and allowance, I know too well that money is hard to earn and it is beyond me to cheat customers of their monies. So my point is still, please, opt for reg postage.

These are from Heathrow Airport from London. I love the brush because it is not available in Sg. I hate the cream eye shadow though. Gotten brown eye liner as it looks softer with pink/blue/gold eyeshadow color. Using black as your liner will make your eyes appear too fierce with the pastel colors.



And dearest J curled my hair again using BabyLiss Curler for my presentation day. I love my hair so much now. Used to have thin fine hair with balding spots (balding spots can you believe it!??). My hair is getting thicker as each day passes :) And I absolutely love my new hair color. Its really soft brown like ang moh baby hair haha if you get what I mean. Thank you J!! I love you!!


And I bought the latest season nude heels from Aldo thanks to Beatrice haha. Wanted to go to Vivo City @ Topshop to get the last pair of patented dark nude heels. Thank god I dropped by salon Vim to say bye to my baby and saw Bea there doing her hair, again –.- Taitai life hur.. She recommended Aldo haha. Bea if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

But I seriously can’t balance in this. Not used to it~


Ever since I got together with J, he brought me to so many places for foodies. My favourite of all is

Frog Leg porridge @ Geylang (the one opposite the Beef Kway Tiao). We have been visiting this place since..4 months ago? Haha. And I always finish 3 frogs myself.

2D1N Soju Bang Buffet @ Tanjong Pagar

Sushi Tei @ Vivo

Beancurd @ Geylang

Bak Ku Teh @ Balestier

All in all, he is the culprit for my weight gain. I gained 3.5kg and im almost a UK size 8 now. Im 47.5kg now, am I overweight?



And remember this dress, Liese Toga in Black from the latest CNY collection? I kept in both colors and many asked me about it during VGY Saturday meetup @ Vainpot. I was working in my shop and handling both VGY and MMTP self collection. Most did not recognize it was from the latest collection haha. So my cream piece is for CNY :)


I will do a review on a few makeup products I bought like the highly reviewed Lancome Tient Miracle Liquid Foundation and the new Bella Blush Blusher from Benefit.

Need to get back to work. Emails are piling up as I blog and I have 2 projects to submit tomorrow :( Cried when I called J a moment ago. Too stressed up after receiving the complaint email from a customer. Sob~

With Love,


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