Monday, July 4, 2016 :: Gaining those extra hours

2016 must be one of my busiest year to date. I am constantly challenging myself, making sure I position my life such that I will always be ready for new opportunities. More often than not, the number one question I always receive is - how in the world do you manage? My reply would always be "I just do it. I don't read so much into it". Then comes the next question "No, but how do you find enough time?". As I answer this question every single time, it would make me even more resolute to find ways to get around organizing my work such that (1) information is always within reach (2) I don't waste extra time on processing and storing my information. 

What I am going to share with you may seem inconsequential. But to me, these seemingly common ways help me to manage my workload and time more efficiently. 

For your record, in my VGY day-to-day work, I deal with a lot of marketing, sales proposals, designs work and reports of all kinds. With the different departments, everything is within reach in Dropbox. Communicating with the different teams in VGY have never been easier via WhatsApp. 

 Whereas in my real estate work, I need to manage the entire "business" on my own. Mind you, from prospecting to marketing, presentations to negotiations and much more running about - ALL ON MY OWN. Imagine the massive amount of paper work. So with this little portable device which is only about length of my forearm, I have gone almost paperless and it saves me a whole lot of time finding and flipping through documents. As soon as I get any papers, I will scan them in. Filing can come later since I already have all the documents scanned in and sorted out into my Dropbox folders. 

This little device from Fujitsu SnapSnap series (iX100) is amazing. With just the push of a button, it scans in all my documents and gives you the option of completely recreating it while preserving the formatting like your bullet points, spacing etc. What you get it an almost perfect mirror replica of the original paper document. 

To me, what is more amazing is its ability to sense when I scan in an A3 sized architect drawing. This small scanner is able to sense that my paper is folded into half, then stitch the document into one single piece so I get an entire A3 page as a whole. 

See, that's my little secret. Paper work is the dearth of many people. I simply declutter the mess by scanning all my papers in and storing them in my Dropbox so I can access these information immediately when I need them. You can imagine how I dread the process of flipping through files and files just to find a single piece of document. And, I save massive amount of time by doing so.

That's how I earn that little bit more time than others.

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