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Finally getting down to blogging about some of the before-the-scenes work and prep that happened before the VGY's Pre-Fall 2015 media event, especially an experience I had with a company who was responsible in outfitting and the overhaul of a section of the boutique for this important milestone.

As the event is held in the boutique, preparations to improve the Swan By VGY's section began approximately 3 months back where we conceptualised on improving the visual space and outlook at this premium space all the way at the back of the boutique. Many associate SWAN with elegance, and a line that is shrouded in mystery partly because of how we build this area in the boutique. It is dark, black, and consumers are basked in a low-light setting so has to enhance the shopping experience via heightened senses. Trust me, we even had customers asking if we sell wedding gowns under SWAN. Is it because SWAN is not brightly lit nor does she have walls washed in white like conventional retail shops? I do not know but one thing I have learnt from being an owner to a brick-and-motar retail store for the past 5 years is effective retail design helps to boost customers' understanding and enjoyment of the brand and products.

During the process of searching for a reliable and knowledgeable supplier in retail fittings to the fashion industry in Singapore and Asia (due to the many challenges faced), I had the opportunity to work with Retailers Market. One of the challenges I have resonates with that of many boutique owners being the expensive and limited retail spaces in Singapore. Therefore, we must always seek to maximize vertical space usage with a smart designed system for the purpose of creating a good flow via visual sensory pleasure. Additionally, a good retail design will also help to narrate the brand's story and products so this was the reason why I set my mind on doing an overhaul at SWAN's section with the launch of my first ever designer collective series :)

The 2 photos below show how the SWAN BY VGY's section at the boutique was PREVIOUSLY. It was cluttered, messy, and obviously display a very bad use of space, concept including a bad flow in the retail design :(

Being a local business myself, I was drawn to the fact that the Retailers Market is also a home-grown business owned and managed by sisters, Nikki & Alison since 2009. I always believe that local businesses should always support one another! It also helped that they are also Spring Singapore's accredited vendor for Product Display and Store Layout (PDSL). So off I went to visit the company at their showroom and was pleasantly surprised by their expertise in supplying retail fittings, mannequins & value management services to the fashion industry. The rest is history when I was introduced to their home walk-in closets with Maxe System. It was then and there I wanted the Maxe System to be fitted out for my boutique.

Maxe System is an Australian designed system that is widely used by retailers in Australia and Singapore. It is available in wall mount and free standing version - both of which have now formed an integral part of the Swan By VGY retail space design.

Of the both versions, I truly appreciate the modular fixtures that allow the pianogram of the store to be changed frequently and with ease. VGY, being better known for our maxi dress designs where we launch them at specific seasons in the year - The modular fixtures is definitely a godsend for us to change up fixtures position depending on the type of clothes that we will launch during the season.

To add on to my excitement, Nikki and Alison surprised me by making marble panels a REALITY when I was just casually mentioning to them about the beauty of marble panels during the conceptualisation process and just how lovely it will be if the panels are anything but black. Then came a fine day when I received a call from Nikki which went....

Nikki: Tricia, remember how you spoke about marble as a backdrop? We think that is a beautiful idea and I think we may just be able to make that come true for you because we found an amazing marble laminate!
Tricia: *hyperventilating* Omg you guys have not done this before right? Do they look like the real deal?? 
Nikki: Yes it is gona be the first with you. We found a way to do it with changeable panels for your different fashion seasons in a year! I do think it looks like the real deal and the marbling is absolutely beautiful *(I can almost see her smile behind the phone)  

Nicki hard at work!

This, IS the power of working with companies who understands your needs and especially your inspirations and wish list. It is also essential to work with people who will listen and it applies to all just like your interior designer (to name one). Back to Retailers Market, it was open communication with the sisters who were so easy to work with and knowing the importance of the outfitting before the ESSENCE's media launch, they had all aspects covered even though some things like hangers slipped my mind. It came as a surprise to me that they even remembered the current hangers in my boutique may not be suitable for the new racks in place and even suggested to provide customized logo printing on all the new hangers even though the quality I settled for is low at 150pcs.

Thanks to their recommendation, I settled for hangers which are made of quality Schima timber that is smoothened and lacquered to protect the apparels. Imagine having to choose from 4 different colors and seven off-the-shelf styles! Put me in a situation where I have to CHOOSE, is like an impossible mission for me. Okay I concur choosing colors is not as hard as choosing the styles!

I love the curvature of the hangers which I realized actually make the structure of the clothes look even better than a flat 2D sort of hanger. They say you judge the clothes on its hanger even before you touch it and I can tell you, IT IS TRUE. I would reach out and go for a nicely hung up piece of apparel at home over another just because. Yes, just because.

So this is the AFTER. Hauntingly beautiful and a far cry from the old design, isn't it?

And this was how it went down on VGY's first ever designer collection media launch :*) I am absolutely thankful to Nikki and Alison for having created a space where my esteemed media guests and more importantly customers, can completely immerse in the brand and relate to VGY's diffusion line - Swan By VGY

(Photo Credits to: Mojo Ideas

(Photo Credits to: Mojo Ideas

(Photo Credits to: Mojo Ideas

(Photo Credits to: Mojo Ideas

With that, VGY will unveil a newly designed website and launch our first designer collective titled ESSENCE this week! The designer collective pieces will also be stocked in to the boutique by this week so stay tuned to our Instagram (@vgystore) for more details.


Lastly, Nikki & Alison from the Retailers Market are very kind to extend a 15% RRP discount for my readers when you quote "Tricia15"! This will include their FULL RANGE of hangers, closet system, jewellery, bag displays etc and will run from now till the end of September 2015. If you are considering a walk-in wardrobe or even revamping your wardrobe, I would highly recommend Retailers Market because the sisters are the most dedicated duo and definitely because it was such a pleasant experience with them.

Feel free to enquire more at 6841 2232 or visit them at their showroom (like I did) at the address below:

Retailers Market
76 Playfair Road
Singapore 367996
Tel: 6841 2232
15% off when you quote "Tricia15" from now till Sept 2015! 

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