Friday, June 29, 2012 :: Korea & CURE Natural Aqua Gel Giveaway

I happen to be browsing through all my SD cards clearing out space and I found one album with John's Korea photos in it. Salon Vim had a company trip to Korea 2 months ago and very sadly, only employees of Salon Vim can go for this trip. I was pretty upset as John & I have never been away from each other for more than a day since we got together 2 years ago (wow, how time flies!). Everyday after work, we make it a point to have dinner with each other where we talk about everything under the sun. And it has been this way for the past 2 years :*) I am grateful for every single dinner we have together. 

Imagine how awfully sad and bitter I was when I found out I couldn't go on the trip with him! So I made him bring "me" there in his pocket (literally) and take photos of Korea with "me" in it haha. So I went in the form of a small doll which John has it placed permanently in his car back in sg. 

Sidetracking, kids nowadays are incredibly smart. On the night when I sent John off at the airport, Gary's wife (the boss of Salon Vim) brought the kids along to send their father off too. I teared when I bid John goodbye and guess what Gary's son (I think he is only 4-5 years old) said? 
"Mommy, when I grow up, I am going to find a girlfriend like John korkor who will cry for me when I leave" 


Someone please remind me how old is this kid! When I was 4-5 years old I don't think I can tell an apple from an orange haha.

Annyeonghaseyo~ Here I am, in Korea 

Placing my footprint on the country's soil. Just short of having my passport stamped

I really love flowers and everything floral. They have a romantic feel that draws me into it and melt my heart everytime I look at them. I feel happier dressed in them too. Do you? 

I am also grateful for every overseas trip we'av been together as we both believe that such trips will always bring a couple closer. Imagine walking down the foreign streets with arms locked together and peering over a map exploring places for the first time - it is an incredible feeling. I would never trade anything else in the world for it. 

* *

Recently, I was asked to review CURE Natural Aqua Gel and John was pretty psyched about it haha. I remembered we went Watsons few weeks ago and he was trying out the product on his hands then exclaiming "Wow look at difference on my hands, it works like our Korean THE SAEM product doesn't it?" Read on(I will explain what is that later) and you will know what I am talking about ;) 

I filled up my palm with 3 pumps of CURE and it comes out as a watery liquid with a tinge of viscosity.

Remember to wash and dry your face well prior to application. I left the liquid on my skin for a few seconds before gently massaging it onto my face and it turned into a white flaky substance

Close up. The gel turned into a milky liquid and then white particles of dead skin cells can be seen. This shows that the dead skin cells are lifted off the skin. 

I rinsed my face after and I felt that my skin was smoother and slightly clearer. On smoothness, you can definitely feel it on your skin the moment you rinse your face. On clearer skin tone, try the half-face experiment to test it out. I personally tried it 3 days later to test my face's clarity and my face was very slightly clearer than the other half of my face. Regardless of whether it looked extremely or slightly clearer, one thing for sure, with the dead skin cells lifted off the top surface, my face can better absorb the active ingredients in all my skincare products especially SK2. It is an expensive product so before I was introduced to CURE, I actually used a product from Korea known as "THE SAEM" (which works the same way as CURE albeit with different ingredients) twice a week so it can better absorb my SK2 essence. 

John and I feel that THE SAEM is definitely better on the clarity scale as our faces really brightened up visibly after use however, our faces do not feel as smooth when compared to using CURE. In anyway, THE SAEM is not available in Sg (only in Korea) so I would recommend getting CURE for those interested! ;) 

For brownie points, CURE can be used on your body!
I first used my scrub to gently exfoliate my skin, then I used CURE (about 10 pumps) all over my body and for some reason, my skin (which is supposed to be dry after exfoliating) turns out to be thoroughly moisturized and smooth.

If you use it purely on your face, 1 bottle of CURE (at 250ml) can last you 4 months for a 
twice weekly application. If you use it on your body like I do, it should last you 2 months minimum. So this is definitely a value-for-money product ;) 


I am giving away a bottle of CURE Natural Aqua Gel and a tube of water treatment moisturizer (which will never be sold in the market). The small tube of water treatment skin cream is solely produced for the company's workers to protect their hands while packing products into boxes is pretty exclusive ;) 

Here's how you can win this giveaway: (I am keeping it really simple!) 
1. Retweet my tweet (@vaingloriousyou) on CURE giveaway
2. Be a fan of CURE facebook here
3. Send me an email with your name, contact details, address and your twitter username (your acc cannot be private otherwise I am unable to check!)
4. Leave a comment in this post with your twitter username! 

Note: You must follow me on twitter (@vaingloriousyou) to qualify. 

I will randomly pick a winner and announce here on 6 July, 3pm so make sure you email me by then! ;) 

** post updated on 6 July, 3pm**

Thank you all so much for your participation!
I am pretty soft-hearted so I hate to do this when I can only choose 1 winner! :(
I will be holding a Maybelline giveaway next and I will definitely pick more winners! :)

The winner for CURE's giveaway is.....
I will be contacting you via email. Kindly check your inbox and spam. 

Good luck and have a wonderful wonderful weekend! :) 

With Love,


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