Sunday, March 11, 2012 :: Makeup, Hair, Giveaway & Random Musings!

Collection 91 is a special one as John & I have sat down to discuss on the hairstyle and makeup in this shoot. Yes, especially when I'm giving away my favourite BabyLiss curling tong! :D
John's inspiration for the hairstyle came from Rosie Huntington's Transformer hairstyle. 

And the makeup is inspired from the colors of Spring. This palette should be from M.A.C.
I was attracted to the rosy pink and baby blue tones.

Then I saw this photo on someone's instagram. And I knew I have to incorporate pink and blue on my eyes this time round!

While doing my research for the colors I could use on my lids in this col, I came across some really pretty eye colors. This shimmery bejewelled eye color with its intensity toned by with a touch of smoky brown at the outer corner is a beautiful one isn't it? Gona add this into my to-try eye colors and name it the 'Mermaid' ;) 

Another pretty number

 From the Jean Paul Gaultier spring runway in 2010. Loving this on the asian eye! 

And here's my version using baby pink, reds and a touch of blue with the hair set by John.

- - -

Giving away 2 of this lovely glassed floral necklaces! Fell in love with it when I first saw it and thought of giving it away here! Don't think anywhere else is selling this necklace! :) 
Simply tweet me @vaingloriousyou and the first 2 to leave a tweet for me will get this necklace! <3

Even prettier IRL! 

On a separate note, I am selling this knitted rose crop top here instead of the new collection as I only have 3 pcs of it. Am guessing it will be a hit on the website and my supplier won't be able to hold a backorder for me  so..3 pcs to sell is a tad too little! Am keeping 1 piece for myself so I only have 2 pcs up for grabs! Leave me an email at if you are interested in getting it! :) 

Haha yet on another random note, was browsing through the new collection photos when I saw this. Hate it to the core when John take unprepared shots of me. I was really frowning at him if you can see through this over-exposed photo. And I remembered my next action was giving him the death stare lol.

 - - -

 One of the weekends where we crash and burn at birthday parties. If you are following me on Instagram, my outfit here was stolen from dear Serene's closet on the very day. 
You are so kind, Ser :p 

Hahaha Tintin you are just so adorable.

Working hard at the new collection launch and have fallen ill unfortunately! So please give me up till Monday to launch! :( With my trustworthy angel away on a holiday, I am dreading to do the invoicing in the new col! Really got to be 100% well before I launch!

Have fun this weekend, all! <3 

With Love,


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